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Below are comments from some our patients.

I am a 91 year old retired High School Librarian that most recently purchased my first set of hearing aids. I did not realize I had a hearing problem until I had my hearing tested by a certified doctor at Riverside Hospital that referred me to Hearing Services of Wisconsin. Larry, made me feel at ease with the discussion of purchasing hearing aids and answered all my questions. Larry gave me a set of hearing aids to try for 10 days, to see if there was any difference in the sounds around me. It was amazing !!! Boy could I ever tell the difference. The sounds are more pronounced, I can hear the rustling of leaves and many other sounds that I have not heard in a long time. The hearing aids fit comfortably and no one can tell I wear them. I really like that . I would recommend Hearing Services of Wisconsin to everyone that may need hearing aids or other related services. Larry is very knowledgeable and made me feel extremely comfortable while Cheryl went above and beyond making financial calls on my behalf. Both Larry and Cheryl are very caring people and should be commended for their exceptional customer service in making my purchase a great experience. Don't let a blow to your vanity keep you from having your hearing checked and never take your hearing for granted.

Katherine S

I feel my hearing loss started as a youngster working in a farm environment with loud machinery. That combined with shooting sports and then the military service. From there manufacturing. I feel I had a long time gradual loss that you don't notice until it gets bad and obvious. Getting hearing aids was necessary for me with my career in customer service. I needed to communicate with customers and coworkers. They were a must for me to continue in that line of work. With out them I was not aware of what was going on around me and only picking up parts of discussions and conversations. I would recommend Hearing Services of Wisconsin in New London to anyone without hesitation not only for the technology of their equipment but they have excellent and friendly customer service. They are concerned and very helpful. Quick service and repairs when necessary. I always feel welcome and Larry and Angie are always so upbeat and happy. They go the extra mile to help me when needed. Very satisfied.

Gary F

I am a 58 year old woman who started having hearing loss in my early 50's. My kids started noticing that I often had to have them repeat what they said because I couldn't hear them. Much of my hearing problems dealt with clarity, I heard "something" but couldn't understand what I heard. My husband often got frustrated with having to either yell or repeat what he said. I finally made an appointment with Hearing Services of Wisconsin in New London and I am so glad. Being fitted with hearing aids and finally being able to hear again has been invaluable. I can enjoy conversations with my family and friends, hear what clerks are saying when I shop and enjoy TV, radio and other media without making others around me uncomfortable because of the high volume. I can hear things I'd forgotten I used to hear. Hearing aids gave me my old life back. I would highly recommend Hearing Serviced of Wisconsin to anyone who is suffering from hearing loss. The staff is patient and thorough, they really care. Angie the receptionist is so friendly and personable and Larry the Specialist goes beyond the norm to make sure you're fitted with the best aids for your loss and lifestyle. The most valuable aspect of choosing them is their integrity and knowledge. I know that they will take care of any problems I may have in the future doing the best possible job to resolve them and I love the fact that they took the time (especially Larry) to teach me about my hearing loss, the possible causes and how to care for my hearing aids. Larry is patient, kind and doesn't try to "upsell". He really strives to give his patients the best possible experience through the whole process. I'll never go anywhere else for my hearing aids.

Rhonda N

I would like to say I am so glad I chose Hearing Services of Wisconsin in Merrill to take care of my hearing loss and hearing aid needs. Marie the receptionist is so kind and friendly. Tom the Specialist is a wonderful, knowledgeable, caring person whose service is invaluable. Thank you so much for helping to hear the things in life I've missed.


I have been wearing hearing aids for several years now. I chose Hearing Services of Wisconsin in New London for several reasons. The first being that they are local with convenient hours. I went in for my hearing test and the care I received was exceptional. They worked with me to find the right fit for my loss. I can't stress enough to my friends how impressed I am by the continuing care I have received since my hearing aid purchase several years ago. Larry the Hearing Specialist and Angie the receptionist go above and beyond to take care of my needs. They are kind and compassionate and I'm always greeted with a friendly smile. Thank you for your continuing excellent care.

Joseph W

About 2 years ago I had my first experience with Hearing Aids. Luckily I chose Hearing Services of Wisconsin in Waupaca. Larry the Hearing Specialist was very patient with me, very helpful instructing me and encouraging me. I have an ear wax problem and now and then my hearing aids get plugged with wax. I make an appointment to see Larry who greets me with a smile, tends to my hearing aids and makes sure my needs are met. He is so patient with me and kind. I am 82 years old and have my hearing back. Thanks to Hearing Services of Wisconsin in Waupaca and to Larry and Cheryl the receptionist.

Claire K

I am a retired farmer who has worked around loud machinery all my life. I noticed I was having a hard time hearing as did my wife. She said "go get your hearing checked" so I went to Hearing Services of Wisconsin in New London. I told them my left ear seemed worse. They tested my hearing and recommended what would work best for my loss and lifestyle as I am still pretty active. Getting hearing aids really made a difference. I could hear so much better in public and interact with people without so many "huh's" on my part because I couldn't understand what people were saying to me. I have gotten such good service from Larry the Specialist and Angie the receptionist at the office in New London. They take good care of me, they are local with great hours and they continue to provide me with excellent service.

Alfred P

I noticed I was starting to have difficulty hearing my daughter-in-law and grandchildren. I went to Hearing Services of Wisconsin in New London for a hearing test. After being fit with hearing aids I can hear my grandchildren and children better. They are local, very thorough and they take care of me when I come in. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Faye W

"Dear Tom, I am writing to thank you for taking the time to help me obtain a hearing aid. Since losing the hearing in one ear it has been difficult for me to understand the world of sound. I could not identify which side I was hearing from or even what I might be hearing. I could not tell if noise was coming from behind or the sides. Often, I could not even identify what the noise was. It was difficult for me to hear people talk to me. Rather than constantly have people repeat what they were saying I just pretended I heard them. I have gotten proficient with non verbal cues and lip reading. It's unfortunate that the disability of hearing loss in one person initiates such hostility in others toward the disabled non hearing person. You were and are very compassionate about my hearing loss situation. You instructed me well about how the device would work and what I could expect in getting used to it. It was incredibly reassuring to me when you validated my confusion. I had been without my right ear hearing for about 6 months and when you put the hearing aid in I was so confused. You came right out and said "you are confused aren't you?" I was embarrassed to admit it. You said it was a normal reaction as my brain had not been used to processing sound from that ear. My brain was reprogramming again. What a joyous feeling. You are the reason I consented to a hearing aid. You told me that my hearing would not get better. In fact, it would continue to decline from the "use it or lose it" theory. You have kept in touch with me on my progress and you have serviced my hearing aid for any malfunctions. I can now be involved in a conversation again. I feel that your services are very affordable. When I first wore my hearing aid, I told no one. After a month I started to ask if anyone noticed it. None of my friends suspected. Even with my hair in a ponytail and the device fully visible they did not notice. Truly, I am indebted to you for helping me to regain some hearing and quality of life. It is easy to withdraw from social situations when one can't hear. It's just too hard to not understand what is being said and it is degrading to be treated as an annoyance through no fault of my own. I hope that people will understand that people don't like being "hard of hearing". They don't do it on purpose. I hope you will use my testimony and my name. I am proud and grateful to be one of your clients. You have been a Godsend to me. Thank you so much. God bless you."


My Mom's hearing was not up to par and she had a continual external buzzing noise. This was embarrassing to her as she felt it was a nuisance to others. The new hearing aids improved her hearing and there is not any feedback noise. She often asked for us to repeat ourselves with her old healing aids. This no longer happens. Dr. Tom was awesome. He took the time needed. He explained things very thoroughly and made sure she could insert and remove the aids on her own. He made her feel very comfortable right from the start. We were very pleased with the cost and I would recommend Dr. Tom Parry to anyone. He took the time to understand our needs and provided outstanding care. He made sure we knew we could follow up with him if we had questions or concerns.

Cindy Boyer Appleton, WI

My loss of hearing has been from an infection associated with our family for three generations. This includes my Grandfather, mother and a Brother. Being exposed to hearing loss at a young age I was aware of the problems and ramifications hearing loss presents. As time progressed I had the misfortune to lose the ability to hear in one ear, which could not be corrected by surgery or a hearing aid. The ability to carry on a conversation in a group became more difficult. With the help of a hearing aid ti has become easier to lead an almost normal life. With the technology of today, hearing aids have come a long way from Grandfather’s hearing horn! I consider the most valuable aspect of my experience with Hearing Services of Wisconsin is the well trained, low key, and knowledgeable staff. I also really appreciate the availability of a local office in case of an emergency. I have been with Hearing Services for over 10 years and they have been extremely helpful to deal with any problems or questions associated with hearing or hearing aids. Yes I would recommend Hearing Services of Wisconsin to a friend or relative.

Bill G

I need Hearing Services of Wisconsin to check my ears and hearing aids when they need to be cleaned. I need a local professional to remove the wax when I am having problems. Hearing aids have improved my quality of daily living because no I can hear people talk to me and be a part of the conversation. I consider the Tom Conto and the staff to be the most valuable aspect of my experience with Hearing Services of Wisconsin. In addition, Tom was able to get my hearing aids to really work. The office location in Merrill is so convenient. I would recommend Hearing Services of Wisconsin to a friend or relative. I referred my sister to Hearing Services of Wisconsin last month!

Richard B

I have seen other hearing services in the past and they have not provided the customer service or the friendly follow up service that I was looking for or needed like Hearing Service of Wisconsin has. Hearing aids have allowed me to hear most things better. I can even sit outside now and hear the birds! I would consider the good friendly services is the most valuable aspect of my experience. I really enjoy being able to joke with the staff! I would recommend Hearing Services of Wisconsin to a friend or relative because of the good service that I always receive.

Delmar J

I have been using hearing aids for some time and don’t find myself saying what to everyone. I have especially enjoyed being able to hear in church and hear the priest say the sermon. Hearing aids have been a significant improvement in my quality of life. I would recommend Hearing Services of Wisconsin to a friend or relative.

Linda B

Thank you so much for getting the domes for Bill. He found several that fit his Resound. We really appreciate all your help with those, and also the name of the clinic in Rogers, AR.

We read all the testimonials of your clients on your website, and now we know why they had such great things to say about you. You go above and beyond to provide excellent service to your clients. And in our case, you helped us without even knowing us!

We will call you when we get back and have you check Bill’s hearing aid. We are looking forward to meeting you, and thanks again for your kindness.

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